“Worldwide kitchens” is the result of a continuous research based on a manufacturing process focusing on today’s style combined with future prediction and philosophy.

“Worldwide kitchens” have Five Phases when dealing with a customer:






Every project is unique, and you can expect customer service tailored to your needs. Our first meeting will generally take place in our showroom. We will introduce our product lines and work with you to establish the overall goal of your project. Whether you are looking for a simple update or a complete renovation, we will help you get started.

Next, measurements will be taken of your space, and we will generate functional design options for your project. We will work closely with you to help you choose the design layout and products for your new kitchen.

If you choose to have Classic Kitchen Design complete the project, the installation will be scheduled accordingly.


Over the years “Worldwide kitchens” has focused ever more closely on the development of extremely flexible internal manufacturing processes that can be customized to meet the needs of every individual customer.

Maintaining the level of customized craftsmanship that Customers have come to expect and that “Worldwide kitchens” has always guaranteed.

Skilled manual  labor  is essential, and where the Company’s know how is best expressed.

“Worldwide kitchens”  draws on experience and industrial skills. In this way, it has been able to optimize the manufacturing process. 

“Worldwide kitchens” have developed new technologies and reduce waste. All this to be able to design even more creative, advanced modern products: an extraordinary commitment aimed at improving the quality of life in the kitchen for everyone.

Once the Customer order has reached us from the designer, the production lines are activated in different workflow, preparing every element of the kitchen in parallax.

Hundreds of kitchens leave Worldwide kitchens production lines and each one of these is different from the next 

The individual order code for a cabinet includes other elements such as panels, worktops and doors. These are prepared according to the specific details of the order. Some of these are made from stock and then customized; others are built ad hoc, to the Customer’s specific requests.

These aspects of the process in particular are managed by an extremely specialized department comprised of forty highly skilled craftsmen.

Another strong point of the manufacturing process designed by “Worldwide kitchens”  is the process that allows for the extreme customization of worktops.

The extraordinary result of this process is that every “Worldwide kitchens” Customer can have a kitchen with a unique worktop. 

At the end of the manufacturing process, all the individual kitchen components are carefully wrapped and placed on specific trolleys, to then be recalled based on rigorous loading and delivery programs.